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Winter is Coming: Stoke on Trent’s Guide to Preparing Your Car

Winter in Stoke on Trent is not just about cozy fires and hot cocoa; it’s also about ensuring your vehicle is ready to face the challenges of the cold months. At Automechanix, we’ve seen the impact of winter on cars, and we’re here to help you prepare.

Why Winterize Your Car? The cold temperatures, coupled with icy roads and snow, can take a toll on your vehicle. From reduced battery life to decreased tyre traction, the risks are many. But with proper preparation, you can mitigate these risks.

Steps to Winterize:

  1. Antifreeze: Ensure it’s at the right level and concentration. This prevents the engine’s cooling system from freezing.
  2. Tyres: Consider switching to winter tyres. They offer better traction on icy roads.
  3. Battery: Cold can sap your battery’s strength. Ensure it’s fully charged and in good health.
  4. Wipers and Fluid: Replace worn-out wipers and use a freeze-resistant wiper fluid.

Conclusion: Don’t let winter catch you off guard. Schedule a winter check-up at Automechanix and drive with confidence.

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