Engine Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics

If your dashboard warning light has come on, it means there could be a serious fault with your vehicle and it’s important that you take your car to a garage as soon possible. Automechanix’s expert team of technicians can analyse your vehicle and provide a full diagnosis using our state of the art diagnostic testing equipment. We can identify any errors on your vehicle’s on-board system and resolve any issues before they get worse.

Our vehicle analysis can detect issues with a wide range of your vehicle’s components such as the exhaust system, engine & breaks as well as performance issues with fuel injection and ignition.

Our Top Tip! To identify any problems early, you can book a vehicle diagnostics text even before your warning light has come on.

Why Auto Mechanix

Automechanix offer a wide range of vehicle services available to anyone in need, from fixing small dents & scratches, to a full engine repair, we’ve got you covered. With over 20 years of experience, our fully-qualified team of experts have knowledge and methods to diagnose, repair & maintain all makes and models.

Fast Service

Swift and affordable vehicle repair & maintenance.

Experienced Crew

We have over 30 years experience in the vehicle repair industry.

Expert Tools

State-of-the-art diagnostic system and vehicle repair technology.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is our number one priority.

To book an engine diagnostics test, call our garage today on 01782 599991 or Book Online.